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Ass-to-mouth is a slang term for topping during anal sex, then being fellated by the receiving partner. It gets its name because the top’s penis goes directly from a partner’s ass to their mouth.

In pornography, ass-to-mouth is often shortened to the acronyms ATM or A2M. The Libby is another term for ass-to-mouth.

History of Ass-to-Mouth

Ass-to-mouth was once an incredibly taboo sexual practice but is now seen more frequently in mainstream pornographic films. This sex act was also discussed by characters in the cult 2006 comedy film Clerks II. Fast food employee Dante repeatedly tells his best friend and colleague Randall that “You never go ass-to-mouth!” However, later in the film, Dante’s partner Becky says “Sometimes in the heat of the moment, it’s forgivable to go ass-to-mouth”.

Playing with Ass-to-Mouth

To practice ass-to-mouth, the top penetrates their partner’s anus with their penis. They have anal sex for a while before the top withdraws their penis and inserts it into their partner’s mouth. They then enjoy receiving oral sex. They might receive oral sex until they climax or switch back to anal sex.

The bottom can receive extra stimulation from fingers or a sex toy during ass-to-mouth. They might masturbate or receive stimulation from the top during the anal sex portion.

Lubricant can make the anal sex portion of ass-to-mouth more comfortable for the bottom. Different flavored lubes can make performing fellatio after anal sex more appealing.

While ass-to-mouth is most commonly practiced by penetrating someone with a penis, it can also work with a strap-on or a sex toy, such as a vibrator or dildo.

Ass-to-mouth is usually practiced by couples, but it can be adapted for group sex encounters. Known as ass-to-other-mouth (ATOM) or ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth (ATOGM), this variant sees a top removing their penis from one partner’s anus after anal sex, then inserting it into the mouth of a different partner.

Why People Are Interested in Ass-to-Mouth

Ass-to-mouth provides a variety of sensations as the top moves their penis from their partner’s anus to their mouth. Ass-to-mouth can also stimulate the many nerve endings around the bottom’s anus. While ass-to-mouth usually isn’t as physically satisfying for the bottom partner, many people love it simply because it turns their partner on.

People who enjoy power exchange may appreciate the way that ass-to-mouth reinforces dominant and submissive roles. Tops rarely wipe their penis when they move it from their partners’ ass to their mouth, so their partner is usually forced to ingest fecal matter as they perform fellatio. This can seem degrading, so it may appeal to people who enjoy humiliation play. Some people also enjoy the taste of their partner’s penis after anal sex.

Tasting fecal matter through ass-to-mouth can be a way to explore scat play. Ass-to-mouth is one of the cleaner scat play activities, so it can be a good way for people to experiment with this kind of sexual play. As any kind of anal and fecal play is still taboo to some degree, people may want to try ass-to-mouth simply because it goes against social norms.

Is Ass-to-Mouth Safe?

As the topping partner doesn’t usually clean their penis before moving it from their partner’s ass to their mouth, the person performing fellatio is at risk of gastrointestinal tract problems if intestinal flora from the rectum enters their upper digestive tract. The practice can also transfer any intestinal parasites living in the feces from the ass to the mouth. Sexually transmitted infections of the anorectal area, such as gonorrhea, can also be spread to the mouth and throat through ass-to-mouth.

“As with any sexual act, making ass-to-mouth play as safe as possible requires regular STI testing and open discussions about results with a partner,” explained Anna Richards, a sex educator and founder of the erotic ethical porn site “Before engaging in this kind of play, you can tell your partner, 'I was last tested on this date, and here’s what the results said; what about you?' If someone isn’t willing to open up and answer that question, they aren’t the safest person to engage in this kind of play with. Also, who wants a sexual partner who isn’t able to open up and talk to them? Communication is key to great sex.”

Using condoms, and changing them whenever the penis moves from one orifice to another, can minimize health problems. Porn stars often receive enemas before filming ass-to-mouth scenes. While an enema can reduce the amount of feces transferred on the penis, it doesn’t really make ass-to-mouth any safer. However, it can enhance the experience for people who are squeamish about fecal matter.

“Some people use an enema or anal douche to completely clear any fecal matter out of the anus. However, this can irritate the anus, so do it only occasionally and use a mild product, perhaps one made specifically for anal play, like Future Method’s anal douche,” Richards cautioned.

Acronyms: ATM, A2M

Synonyms: The Libby


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