Ass Bandit

Updated: DECEMBER 24, 2018

Ass bandit is a colloquial term for a heterosexual man who engages in anal sex. Literally, an ass bandit is a man who enjoys experimenting with and taking control of the anuses, or asses, of others.

An ass bandit may also be known as an ass burglar.

Ass bandit should not be confused with the British term arse bandit, which refers exclusively to a homosexual man.

More About Ass Bandit

In the mid-1900s, the term ass bandit was sometimes used to refer to a man that seduces young women. For this reason, the modern use of the term ass bandit often refers to a man who likes to seduce women (or men) who have never engaged in anal sex before.

Many men enjoy being ass bandits because anal sex is still considered taboo. At the same time, anal sex is often featured in pornography, which has made it somewhat aspirational. Anal sex puts men in a dominant position, which can be exciting for them. The anus is also much tighter than the vagina, which creates a greater friction which can make the sex more intense and pleasurable.

Other men become ass bandits because they feel anal sex is not “real sex,” so they can do this while still retaining their religious beliefs. Others choose anal sex because there is minimal risk of pregnancy. However, this does not mean that anal sex is “safe sex.” Latex condoms must be worn to reduce the risk of transmitting diseases, including HIV.


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