Updated: OCTOBER 28, 2019

Arsenosadism is the practice of deriving sexual pleasure or arousal from the results of inflicting cruelty or punishment on men.

The term arsenosadism comes from the Greek word arsen, meaning masculinity or male, and sadism, a term for the love of cruelty derived from the name of the French sadist, the Marquis de Sade.

More About Arsenosadism

Arsenosadists become sexually aroused by witnessing the suffering men endure, not from inflicting the pain or humiliation that causes it. They may like seeing a man scream for help, cry, or beg for the treatment to stop.

Sexual sadism is considered a mental disorder. If it is not exercised in a healthy way, arsenosadism can become a serious problem. For example, some arsenosadists may seriously harm or even kill men for sexual pleasure. However, others may be satisfied with normal BDSM behavior such as whipping, humiliating, and tying up a male partner. So long as these activities are consensual, there is no reason they cannot be enjoyed by both the arsenosadist and their partner.

When arsenosadism becomes problematic, it is usually accompanied by an antisocial personality disorder. Arsenosadists that feel their condition is becoming unmanageable may benefit from counselling, hypnosis, or other types of therapy. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many female arsenosadists were physically and/or sexually abused by men in the past, and develop sadistic tendencies towards male partners as a kind of revenge or defense mechanism. A therapist may help concerned women work through these issues.


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