Armpit Fetish

Updated: MARCH 15, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on February 14, 2022

An armpit fetish is an intense and persistent sexual interest in or attraction to underarms. Armpit fetishists may feel attracted by the look or smell of the armpit, or both. The scientific name for an armpit fetish is maschalagnia.

People attracted to the way the armpit looks often see a similarity between the armpit and female genitalia, whether it is hairy or shaved. When someone’s armpits are hairy, an onlooker may guess they will have hairy genitals too.

People attracted to the scent of armpits are likely responding to pheromones. The armpits emit these chemical compounds which may attract others. The jury is still out on that theory, but these chemicals do increase testosterone and create individual odor prints, much like fingerprints. If you’re already attracted to someone, sniffing their pheromones may add to their allure.

Armpit fetishists may enjoy licking or sniffing the armpits of their sexual partners. They may also fantasize about licking or sniffing the arms of other people, such as people they know or celebrities. Armpit fetishists may look at photographs of people exposing their armpits or watch people, hoping for a glimpse of their armpits as they raise their arms.

Armpit fetishists may also enjoy stimulating people under their arms. They may enjoy tickling a partner until they beg for mercy or stimulating them with items such as a feather or an ice cube.

People who feel turned on by hairless armpits may be sexually aroused by the removal of armpit hair. They may enjoy watching someone shaving or waxing their armpits or even taking care of these jobs for them. As people can feel vulnerable when they’re being shaved or waxed, shaving or waxing someone else can be great fun for natural dominants.

Some armpit fetishists also enjoy armpit sex. During this sexual act, the fetishist puts their penis against the armpit, then their partner places their arm down, creating a snug pocket like a vagina. The fetishist can then thrust against the armpit for sexual pleasure, often until they climax.

More About Armpit Fetish

As with other fetishes, people with armpit fetishes usually have preferences about the armpits they like. People may prefer shaved armpits or armpits that are naturally hairy. They may also prefer armpits clean and fresh, after a bath or shower, or more natural. Some people may appreciate natural body odor while others prefer a mustier, sweatier armpit after an intense workout. People who date armpit fetishists may modify their behavior to present their armpits just as their partner likes them.

The taboo nature of sweaty and hairy armpits may fuel the fetish for some people. Knowing they feel attracted to something that others say is undesirable or unsightly can be thrilling for some people.

Armpit sex can be a great way to satisfy an armpit fetish, although the friction can be uncomfortable. Adding some lubricant under the arm can help the penis slide more easily and enhance the experience.

Sniffing and licking armpits can be thrilling for armpit fetishists, but may tickle their partners. Focusing on something other than the sensations of the fetishist’s nose or tongue may reduce the tickly feeling. Touching the fetishist while they lick or sniff may also help the problem.

Many people are only too happy to indulge their partner’s armpit fetish by wearing tank tops and encouraging sensual and sexual play with their armpits. As always, open communication with your partners about what you like and don't like is a good way to ensure you are all getting your needs met.


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