Updated: MAY 19, 2015

Anorchous is an adjective which describes a sexual disorder characterized by a lack of testes. Men who are anorchous typically have scrotums, but no testicles.

The term anorchous originally comes from the Greek word anorchos, from the prefix “an-“ meaning without and “orchis,” meaning testicle.

Anorchous is a historical term with its first known use dating back to around 1881.

More About Anorchous

A man may be anorchous due to a birth defect, such as cryptorchidism, or following surgery known as an orchidectomy. Such surgery may occur following cancer, or injury or trauma to the genital region.

An anorchous man does not produce testosterone. This decreases an anorchous man’s libido and makes it difficult for him to gain and maintain an erection. Testosterone replacement therapy can help anorchous men improve their sexual function.

Anorchous men are always infertile since the testes are required to make sperm. Anorchous men may use donor sperm to become parents. If a man is made anorchous through surgery, he may also have his sperm frozen in order to conceive a biological child in the future.

Many anorchous men suffer psychological and emotional effects connected to their lack of testes, along with the physical effects of the condition. They may struggle with feelings that they are less masculine than other men, or worry that they’ll be rejected by sexual partners. Some choose to have a silicone testicular prosthesis fitted to make the scrotum look more natural. Communication with intimate partners, counselors or sex therapists can also be beneficial.


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