Updated: DECEMBER 20, 2021

Anophelorastia is a sexual condition wherein a person becomes aroused when fantasizing about defiling or ravaging the body of their partner. It is derived from the Greek word anopheles, meaning hurtful or harmful.

Anophelorastia is classed by academics as an “attack paraphilia,” and may be related to sadism and necrophilia. Although paraphilia is typically a term used in psychology to refer to a family of intense, persistent fantasies and sexual behaviors, it has also been used to refer to imply any sexual practices not considered to be mainstream. As a result, many people object to the use of this term.

More About Anophelorastia

People with anophelorastia become turned on by a variety of acts that look to sully or damage the bodies of their sexual partners. These acts may be violent, such as cutting them, or commonly considered taboo, such as defecating or urinating on them. A person with anophelorastia may be content with imagining their fantasies or may seek to act them out. Note, however, that this does not mean they are intent on hurting someone - play can be consensual, safe and even imaginary. This may suit a partner who is interested in edgeplay.

However, along with other attack paraphilias such as necrophilia and amokoscisia, anophelorastia has been associated with murder and violent crime. However, many edgier sex practices that have previously been viewed as dysfunctional have actually been found to be quite common forms of sexual expression that people act out in ways that are both legal and safe.


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