Angora Fetish

Updated: MAY 24, 2021

Angora fetish is a term for a common type of wool fetish. People with an angora fetish become sexually aroused by the sight and feel of angora cloth and garments made from angora.

Angora is a woven fiber made from the fur of angora rabbits. This fabric is known for its soft, silky texture and fine fibers.

More About Angora Fetish

People with an angora fetish typically identify themselves as wool lovers, wool fetishists, or wool freaks. They share this title with others with a wool fetish, such as people with a mohair fetish or a merino wool fetish.

Just like other wool lovers, people with an angora fetish typically express different preferences for the items they wear or fetishize. Women’s turtleneck sweaters are particularly popular, even amongst male wool lovers, but so are scarves, socks, mittens, balaclavas, and other items made from angora. Those who enjoy angora often choose it because of the soft, appealing feel of the angora against their skin. Wool lovers typically prefer hand-knit angora garments over machine knit.

Some wool lovers become aroused by seeing others wear angora garments, rather than wearing them themselves. They may encourage their partners to wear angora or go online to view pictures of people wearing angora apparel. Many of these pictures are posted on wool lovers’ websites, which encourage people with angora fetishes and other wool fetishes to chat and feel a sense of community.

People with an angora fetish may also enjoy using angora scarves as bondage tools, or investing in angora fetish items, like knitted angora penis hoods.

For most people, an angora fetish is a harmless kink. However, if it starts to interfere with normal sexual functioning or a person’s personal or professional life, he or she may wish to seek counseling.


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