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Updated: APRIL 11, 2024

Androsodomy is the formal term for engaging in anal sex with a same-gendered male partner.

The term’s prefix, andro, is the Greek word for male or man. It is combined with the word sodomy, which is often defined as “unnatural sexual relations.” The term "sodomy" is generally used as a reference to anal sex.

More About Androsodomy

Androsodomy is a term that has fallen out of favor, as it implied that anal sex between two men was “unnatural” or abnormal. That goes against a more modern sentiment that anal sex is a healthy means of sexual expression between partners, regardless of genders.

That does not mean that androsodomy doesn’t hold some element of risk, though. As with all sexual intercourse, the use of condoms is recommended to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. As the anus does not produce its own lubricant, a commercial lubricant can help make androsodomy easier and reduce the risk of injury. Make sure the lubricant has a water or silicon base, as oil-based lubricants can degrade condoms.

Plenty of foreplay is key to good androsodomy. Kissing and touching before anal sex will help both partners relax and prepare for intercourse. Sex toys like dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs can also play a role.

Androsodomy should feel good for both parties. The top should enjoy penetrating his partner’s anus and the bottom should enjoy the way his partner’s penis stimulates the nerve endings in and around his anus, including his prostate. It may take some time to enjoy anal sex, though. As with most sexual activities, practice makes perfect.


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