Anal Vault

Updated: AUGUST 21, 2017

Anal vault is a term for the anal cavity. While it is part of the common vernacular, it has its origins in the scientific community where it has been used in medical papers and journals.

Due to its meaning, a number of pornographic websites focused on anal sex have also been called The Anal Vault. These websites contained videos and images of people engaged in anal penetration and anal play.

More About Anal Vault

The anal vault stores feces before they are expelled by the body. For this reason, the anal vault should be cleared before engaging in anal sex. Spending time on the toilet clearing the bowels several hours before engaging in anal sex can significantly reduce the risk of stooling during penetration. This process takes time. If a person rushes on the toilet, they may leave feces in their anal vault. An enema can also clear feces from the anal vault.

No method is foolproof. Sometimes despite all efforts feces may leave the anus during penetration. This can be embarrassing, but it’s perfectly normal. In fact, some men interested in anal play are even aroused by the smell or sight of fecal matter. If feces leave the anal vault during anal sex, you should change the sheets and take a thorough shower to remove the feces. Showering with a partner can be a sensual experience which alleviates some embarrassment.


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