Anal Torture

Updated: OCTOBER 2, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on August 25, 2023

Anal torture is the BDSM practice of inflicting pain or pleasure-pain through anal stimulation. A dominant leads an anal torture scene and stimulates the anus of a submissive person or slave. Anal torture is a type of anal play. It is sometimes called anus torture or ass torture.

Anal Torture as a BDSM Practice

Dominants can inflict BDSM ass torture with a variety of sex toys designed to penetrate the anus, everyday items and their own bodies. While penetration is a common element of anal torture, it is not essential. Dominants may choose to stimulate the area around the anus without penetrating it. This prolonged stimulation can be a kind of torture for submissives longing for penetration. Dominants may incorporate other BDSM techniques into a torture anal scene, including bondage, blindfolding and spanking, to heighten the sensations the submissive feels and further assert the dominant’s authority.

Anal torture is generally considered to be more intense and painful than other types of anal play. However, anal torture can also be pain-free, as it is in sensual domination. For example, a dominant may stimulate their submissive’s anus with a feather. This stimulation doesn’t hurt, but it can be torturous for a submissive who feels turned on and is longing for more intense stimulation.

Members of the BDSM community may use anal torture to reinforce their relationship roles. Torture may be an element of anal punishment or part of a regular scene. A dominant feels powerful as they torture their submissive’s anus in whatever way, and for however long, they see fit. While an ethical dominant will never abuse their submissive or take advantage of them, knowing that they could can be intensely arousing. At the same time, the submissive feels vulnerable as they must submit to their dominant’s will. It can be incredibly arousing for the submissive to hand over control of their anus to their dominant; withstanding the torture can be a good way to show they are an excellent submissive.

While BDSM anal torture may be intense, it should never become abusive. If it does, then it becomes assault, and consent is not a reasonable defense in the eyes of the law. Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” Dominants and submissives in committed relationships may push these boundaries during anal torture scenes in private, confident that their partner will not truly degrade or hurt them. According to Cassie Mørch, a sex and BDSM/kink expert at with experiences in the BDSM community, when anal torture is done right, it will not cross ethical lines.

“While it is in fact called anal ‘torture’ within the BDSM community, this practice has very little to do with actual torture. ‘Torture’ is often used, in the BDSM community, to refer to certain practices that often will involve intense pain or extreme sensations. These extreme practices are, however, always part of consensual agreements made beforehand,” she said. “Consent in the world of BDSM is often built after the FRIES model. Consent should always be Freely Given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, and Specific. So, when it comes to practices like anal torture, any and every action that takes place in your session will be enthusiastically performed and received by all parties. The extreme pain and ‘torturous’ aspects of the session will be something that’s highly desired by the receiver.

“Even in scenarios involving CNC (consensual non-consent) dynamics, this extreme power play will then be a desired part of the scene. Every aspect of the practice has to stay within the boundaries of anyone involved in the scene. It is only when something deliberately crosses those boundaries that certain BDSM practices can turn into something unsafe and dangerous. Essentially, any extreme BDSM practices done right will never enter this space of potentially violating any human rights.”

More About Anal Torture

Dominants can use a variety of different anal torture methods, including:

  • Using toys such as anal probes, dildos, anal beads, and butt plugs to tease or penetrate the anus
  • Using everyday items to stimulate the anus, including needles, hooks, and pokers
  • Digital penetration
  • Fisting
  • Anal sex
  • Temperature play with items such as ice cubes or hot wax
  • Inserting foods that may irritate the anus, such as ginger root (figging) or chili pepper
  • Bondage using anal hooks
  • Administering an enema
  • Performing a rectal exam
  • Inspecting the anus with a medical speculum
  • Anal stretching

Anal Torture and Consent

As with all BDSM play, clear and ongoing consent is crucial. The submissive should understand that while the dominant takes the lead in an anal torture scene, they can withdraw their consent at any time. Establishing a safeword and safe action, which the submissive can use at any time they struggle to verbally withdraw consent, can help the anal torture scene run smoothly. As some submissives are reluctant to assert themselves during a scene, dominants should also monitor their partners and stop any anal torture scene they feel has gone too far.

Discussing the anal torture scene at length before it begins also helps dominants understand their submissives’ hard and soft limits. They may negotiate what will happen and the duration of the anal torture. Creating a written contract outlining the anal torture that both the dominant and submissive sign can make consent clear and help everyone involved feel comfortable about proceeding.

Safe anal torture involves understanding and respecting the limits of the submissive’s body. As the anus' delicate tissue is prone to tearing, anal torture in BDSM is riskier than many other types of sexual activities. Lubricant can help reduce the risk of tearing and should be applied throughout anal torture. The dominant should also ensure their submissive’s anus is properly warmed up and stretched by using smaller toys or instruments first. They should also only use appropriately-sized toys and instruments to minimize the risk of injuries. Sex toys should have flared bases to prevent them from getting lost inside the anal cavity. Dominants should also inspect any glass or metal objects before inserting them to make sure they’re free of scratches and hard edges, which may damage the anus.

The dominant should also clean any instruments or parts of their body they intend to use for anal torture. Sterilization is the safest cleaning method to avoid bacterial infections. Using condoms during anal sex and with toys, especially when sharing toys, further reduces the risks.

While enemas can be a fun element of anal torture, Mørch says it’s important to limit the amount of internal rinsing. Otherwise the dominant could temporarily remove the thin lining of mucus that protects the rectum and leave their submissive prone to anal damage.


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