Anal Orgasm

Updated: AUGUST 15, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on August 15, 2023

An anal orgasm is an orgasm that is achieved by stimulation of the anus. This type of orgasm is generally brought on by anal penetration, such as with a penis, finger, anal toy, prostate massager, or dildo. However, some people may experience anal orgasm with external play - even without penetration. Rimming (also known as analingus) can also be a common activity that brings about anal orgasms.

Penetration of the anus also hits multiple erogenous zones. Not only does it stimulate the internal nerves of the anal canal, but it can also directly stimulate the prostate or indirectly stimulate the g-spot.

Are anal orgasms possible?

Yes, anal orgasms are possible for some people.

The anus contains numerous nerve endings and sensitive tissues that can lead to pleasurable sensations when stimulated. Anal orgasms can be experienced by people with a prostate and people without a prostate.

Through careful exploration, experimentation, and understanding one's own body, some people can experience intense sexual pleasure and orgasm through anal stimulation and penetration.

It's worth noting that not everyone can achieve orgasm through anal stimulation, as sexual preferences and responses vary widely from person to person.

Communication, consent, and taking the time to understand one's own body and desires are key factors in any sexual activity, including anal play.

How do anal orgasms differ other orgasms?

There’s no conclusive data showing a difference between anal and vaginal orgasms. Orgasms all involve involuntary, rhythmic muscle contractions of the genital and pelvic area, leading to a climax, or peak in pleasure. This climax is typically followed by a release of bodily tension and, for penis owners, ejaculation. Vagina-owners may also experience ejaculation (squirting).

When we consider this definition, anal and vaginal orgasms are quite similar. Still, personal feelings, orgasmic rhythms, and pleasure levels vary from person to person. Ultimately, the aim is to pursue the type of orgasm that brings the most personal satisfaction.

Can men have anal orgasms?

Not only can men orgasm anally, they also have the prostate to assist them in reaching orgasm. The prostate is an organ responsible for producing and releasing a fluid component of semen. Referred to as the P-spot or male G-spot, the prostate can play a significant role in enhancing pleasure and contribute to orgasms due to its specific location and sensitivity.

Can women have anal orgasms?

Although women can have anal orgasms, there isn’t much scientific evidence explaining why this is possible. Some attribute female anal orgasm to the clitoris’ internal and expansive network of nerves and/or the stimulation of the female G-spot, also known as the urethral sponge.

More About Anal Orgasm

When exploring anal play and anal orgasm, it's important to prioritize communication, consent, comfort and safety. For more information on anal play, you may want to learn more about anal depth training and anal gaping.

How to Have an Anal Orgasm

Here are general guidelines for individuals who are curious about exploring anal pleasure and anal orgasm:

Research and Educate Yourself: Before you start anal play, educate yourself on the anatomy of the anal region, potential risks and proper techniques. You should also research proper hygiene, how to properly sanitize insertables before and after use, as well as safety practices.

Maintain Hygiene: Prioritize hygiene both before and after engaging in anal play. Thoroughly clean your hands and toys before and after each use. Use appropriate products designed to promote safe anal play, and ensure meticulous sanitization of objects to uphold a healthy and enjoyable experience.

Choose Your Approach: Determine whether you wish to embark on this journey alone or with a partner. If you opt for a partnered experience, engaging in open dialogue prior to starting is crucial. Discuss these steps together, sharing any boundaries or apprehensions to ensure mutual understanding and a comfortable experience. Prioritize consent, check-ins, and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to stop.

Gather Supplies: Prepare essential supplies you’ll need, such as a suitable anal lubricant, cleaning products, sex toys designed for anal use, condoms and gloves if you prefer to use them. Lastly, have a towel or mat on hand for comfort and easy cleanup during the process.

Set the Right Environment: Choose a comfortable, private and relaxing space where you feel at ease and won’t be interrupted.

Prepare and Relax: Begin by embracing relaxation techniques, such as deep, calming breaths, to set a comfortable tone. If you're sharing this experience with a partner, inviting them to provide a soothing body massage can help release any tension and enhance your overall comfort. As you feel ready, transition to activities that ignite sexual excitement. This might involve caresses, kissing, nipple play, or other foreplay techniques that you find pleasurable. When you're prepared, gently massage around the anal area. If your partner is involved, they can consider engaging in rimming or applying lubrication (as mentioned in the next step) to their fingers to initiate gentle anal stimulation.

Apply Lubrication (and reapply as necessary): Generously apply lubricant to both the anal opening and the object you intend to insert. If you’re new to anal play, starting with fingers can be a gentle introduction. Ample lubrication is essential for reducing friction and discomfort. Remember to reapply as needed.

Start with Petite Objects: Begin with either a diminutive sex toy or a finger, gently introducing it at your preferred pace. Take moments to pause and relax whenever necessary, allowing you to address any sensations of discomfort and make adjustments accordingly.

Mind Your Body’s Signals: As you progress, it’s imperative you listen to your body. If you experience pain, discomfort or resistance, pause to assess the situation. Communicating with yourself or your partner is essential to ensure alignment and understanding. If you wish to conclude the process, ensure a gradual and gentle removal of the object.

Practice Patience and Mindfulness: As you advance, maintain a keen awareness of your body's responses at various anal depths, girths, pace, and your overall sensations. Recognize that this journey is about progress, not haste. Infusing patience and mindfulness nurtures a harmonious connection between your emotions, bodily sensations, and the evolving experience. If you're engaging with a partner, communicate these insights openly and collaboratively throughout the process.

Progress Gradually: Understand that anal play requires time and practice, and if you’re new to it, will likely unfold over several sessions. As you experience comfort and confidence at various depths, girths and paces, you can progressively increase the size of the insertable during each session (should you wish). Prioritize attentiveness to your body's cues, ensuring it’s prepared before advancing to the next stage.

Reflect and Adjust: Consistently evaluate your comfort and advancement throughout the process. Should you find pleasure in anal play and reach anal orgasm, proceed with exploration while maintaining respect for your current stage and established boundaries.

Sex Positions for Anal Orgasm

Discovering the right sex position for anal sex and reaching anal orgasm involves exploring various options. Take the time to try out different positions and uncover the one(s) that suit you best. Below are the best positions for beginners.

Missionary Position: In the Missionary position, the person being penetrated is on their back, and the person penetrating is on top, thrusting into the receiving partner.

Spoon Position: In the Spoon position, "both partners lie on their sides facing the same direction, with the receiving partner positioned in front of the penetrating partner," explains Melissa Cook, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and writer with FunwithFeet.

Going For It Position: In the Going for It position, Searah Deysach, sex educator and owner of the sex shop Early to Bed, explains that the receiver lies the top part of their body across a table or countertop, allowing them to be penetrated from behind.

Afternoon Delight/Scissor Position: The Afternoon Delight position and the Scissor position are quite similar; the variation you choose will depend on what's most comfortable for your and your partner's bodies. For this position, the bottom partner lies down on their back with one leg thrust out and the other bent at the knee, bringing the bent knee as close to their shoulder as they can get it, explains Lyndsey Murray, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and owner of Relationship Matters Therapy. "The other partner then lies on their side facing the bottom partner perpendicularly and penetrates the bottom partner at this angle," says Murray.

Hits the Spot Position: In the Hits the Spot position, the receptive partner lies face-down on the bed. "If it's uncomfortable to turn their head to one side, they might want to 'recline up' onto a pillow [so] that they can raise their chest enough so that they don't need to turn their head," says Carol Queen, Ph.D., Good Vibes Staff Sexologist and Curator of the Antique Vibrator Museum. Queen explains that the receptive partner's legs can be spread (in which case the penetrating partner will kneel between them) or closed (in which case the penetrating partner will place their knees to either side).

"The bottom's hands can be tucked under them for stimulation, stretched out in front of them (which would give them a bit of leverage if they wanted to thrust back against their partner), or at their sides," says Queen.


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