Anal Lubricant

Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

Anal lubricant is a specific type of lubricant designed especially for anal sex. The primary use of the lubricant is to prevent pain or discomfort during anal penetration.

More About Anal Lubricant

An anal lubricant can be used for anal intercourse or for any type of anal penetration. Lubricant should be used both during intercourse and solo play involving the anus. Anal lubricant serves to allow the anus to expand without causing tears or pain. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not provide any type of natural lubrication. The tissues surrounding the anus are delicate and vulnerable.

Anal intercourse is considered a high risk practice, and the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that safe sex practices, including the use of lubrication, should be followed during anal sex.

Wicked Jelle | Kinkly ShopExample of an anal lubricant.
Pictured: Wicked Jelle.

While most manufactured sex lubricants can be used for anal sex, some lubricants are specifically crafted and marketed for anal use. They may be thicker, plushier, longer-lasting, or provide other desired traits that would aid in anal penetration.



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