Updated: AUGUST 13, 2018

Amokoscisia is a state of intense sexual arousal accompanied by a desire to maim or mutilate women.

The term is sometimes used synonymously with sadism. However, sadists can take sexual pleasure from inflicting mental cruelty on people. In amokoscisia, the cruelty always has a physical component. Sadism is also a non-gendered term, while people experiencing amokoscisia want to physically harm women. For this reason, amokoscisia can be best thought of as a type of sadism.

More About Amokoscisia

People who experience amokoscisia may want to cause physical harm to women in a variety of ways. They may want to cut them, beat them, choke them, and more. They may strive for dominance in a variety of facets of their lives, and feel hurting women is a way to achieve this dominance. Some people who experience amokoscisia may simply fantasize about harming women while others may act on their violent fantasies, with or without the consent of a partner.

Experiencing amokoscisia can be very lonely and isolating for people, who know that the violent nature of their sexual urges lies outside society’s norms. They may avoid getting close to other people and forming relationships as they fear what they might do to someone they care about.

Given the violent nature of amokscisia, this type of arousal is considered very dangerous. People who experience it should seek therapy to control their urges and experience sexual arousal in a much healthier way. Medications may also help control violent urges.


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