Updated: DECEMBER 24, 2018

The term ambisextrous is a slang word used to describe sexual flexibility. It is a playful version of the word ambidextrous, which describes someone who has the ability to use both their right and left hand with ease. The term ambisextrous gained popularity somewhere between 1965 and 1970.

Similar to how people who are ambidextrous can write just as well with their left hand as with their right, an ambisextrous person may be equally capable of falling in love with a man or a woman, or being versatile in their sexual practices.

More About Ambisextrous

The term ambisextrous is most commonly used to describe a bisexual person. Some people take this definition further to describe a person who is sexually open and adventurous. An ambisextrous individual may be comfortable having sex with a man or a woman, and also with a group of close acquaintances or strangers.

The term ambisextrous may also describe someone who is androgynous, regardless of their sexual orientation. When used in this way, the term ambisextrous acknowledges the individual’s masculine and feminine qualities. Similarly, an intersex person may be described as ambisextrous.

The term ambisextrous tends to focus on sexual orientation or appearance, but it can also be applied to sexual activity. Sometimes it’s used to describe a person who can masturbate just as effectively using either their right or left hand. This ability enhances masturbation as it eliminates the risk of cramping.

In the gay community, a man may be described as ambisextrous if he’s equally comfortable being a top or a bottom.


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