Updated: OCTOBER 7, 2015

Alvinolagnia is a sexual interest in other people’s stomachs or bellies. Individuals with alvinolagnia become sexually aroused at the sight of a person’s belly, particularly if it’s uncovered, by fantasizing about bellies, interacting with another person’s belly, or all of these activities.

Alvinolagnia is colloquially called belly fetish. It may also be known as alvinonophilia.

More About Alvinolagnia

Researchers believe that a woman’s waist to hip ratio is one of the key indicators of a her attractiveness. Slender, muscular stomachs are especially desired, while some people prefer stomachs with more fat. However, it’s important to note that simply finding a person’s stomach attractive does not constitute alvinolagnia.

For people with alvinolagnia, their sexual arousal is closely linked to the stomachs of their partners or people they find attractive. People with alvinolagnia may be aroused by caressing, rubbing, or tickling an intimate partner’s belly. They may also enjoy having their own bellies stimulated in a similar fashion. People with alvinolagnia may enjoy touching or being touched on the stomach with their fingers or other body parts, or with external aids like brushes or feathers. Some people with alvinolagnia even find it sexually thrilling to punch their partner in the stomach. This would be considered a form of edgeplay. Many people with alvinolagnia also enjoy watching belly dancing, as the focus is centred on the bare midriff.

Alvinolagnia often goes hand-in-hand with navel fetishism, but this isn’t always the case. Some people with alvinolagnia may feel attraction to the entire midriff, and see the navel as merely one component of this area. Some people with alvinolagnia also have a pregnancy or inflation fetish. For these people, the bigger the belly gets, the more aroused they become.


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