Alternatives to Intercourse

Updated: JANUARY 18, 2016

For personal or spiritual reasons, some couples choose to abstain from sexual intercourse and penetration. For this reason, some people choose to adopt various alternatives to penetration. This can enhance physical and emotional intimacy while creating much stronger ties between both parties. Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple techniques that a couple can adopt to have sex without intercourse.

More About Alternatives to Intercourse

Mutual masturbation is one of the most popular alternative to intercourse. By this token, both partners stimulate each other’s genital and other erogenous zones to pleasure one another - and potentially reach orgasm. Oral sex or manual stimulation (hand sex) is another common alternative to intercourse since each person can easily bring their partner to orgasm without penetration.

Couples often indulge in the movements of intercourse (without penetration) to recreate some of the sensations and motions of intercourse. It is also known as 'outercourse.’ This may also involve fingering, frottage, erotic massage, footjob, mammary intercourse, or nipple stimulation.

Contrary to popular belief, non-penetrative sex can still include the risk of sexually-transmitted infections like herpes, genital warts, HPV, syphilis, or scabies.


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