Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Aegosexuality is a sexual orientation describing people who exclusively feel sexually aroused by situations that don’t involve themselves. It is a type of asexuality.

Aegosexuality is the newer term for the word autochorissexuality, coined by asexuality researcher and academic Dr. Anthony Bogaert. Both terms are similar and often used as synonyms. However, aegosexuality is the preferred term as it views this type of asexuality as a sexual orientation, rather than a paraphilia. Aegosexuality is also sometimes called anegosexuality.

More About Aegosexuality

People who identify as aegosexuals might feel sexually aroused watching people engaged in sexual activity in films or reading erotic novels, for example. However, unlike many other people, they do not want to imagine themselves in the sexy scenarios they see or read about, or others like them. They prefer being passive consumers to active participants.

Many people who are asexual also identify as aegosexual. However, not all asexuals are also aegosexuals. Some asexual people feel so sexual desire or urges at all, under any circumstances.

Aegosexuality is often compared to lithsexuality, as both these types of asexuality involve people who feel sexual desire under certain circumstances. However, where lithsexuals feel sexual attraction to others until their feelings are reciprocated, aegosexuals never direct their sexual feelings towards people they know or want to be an active participant in a sexual scenario.

While aegosexuals feel sexual desire when exposed to certain stimulus, they are considered part of the asexual community. Since they know what sexual desire is like though, they may be more open discussing sexuality and sexual topics. Some members of the asexual community do not accept aegosexuals and claim they are not “true asexuals,” as they experience sexual desire.

The term aegosexuality is the preferred term within the asexual community today. As it does not have the negative connotations of the previously used autochorissexuality, it gives aegosexuals more power over their sexuality and breaks down any stigma.


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