Adult Baby

Updated: MARCH 23, 2022
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on February 1, 2022

An adult baby is an adult who attains some form of gratification through pretending to be an infant. An adult baby may play the role of a baby full-time or only some of the time. The lifestyle adult babies practice is known as infantilism.

Being an adult baby can be a way for some people to enjoy a sexual fetish known as paraphilic infantilism or adult baby syndrome. However, some adult babies have no sexual motivation for their role playing activities. Most adult babies play infants of their own gender. However, some adult babies, known as sissy babies, play infants of the opposite gender. Although being an adult baby is related to diaper fetishism, it is considered a separate fetish. People who engage in both fetishes are called adult baby diaper lovers (ABDL).

There is limited research on this fetish, but online communities for adult babies suggest it is not entirely rare.

An adult baby may also be referred to as someone with autonepiophilia.

More About Adult Baby

Adult babies typically use products associated with infants. They may sleep in cribs rather than beds, wear large diapers and footie pajamas rather underpants and adult apparel, drink their beverages from bottles or sippy cups rather than glasses or cups, and use pacifiers. Many of these products are larger versions of baby products made with adult babies in mind.

Role playing as an adult baby has been related to sexual masochism as taking on the infantile role may involve feelings of humiliation and suffering. However, others are looking for caring and comfort as an adult baby. Either way, most adult babies simply have a kink they play out in private with a consenting partner.

Adult babies are not pedophiles; rather, they look for partners willing to play the role of "mommy," "daddy," or "nurse." They get sexual gratification from acting and being treated like a baby, not from sexual activity with children.

Adult babies can connect with other adult babies and people interested in caring for adult babies through online adult baby support groups and websites. There are also some adult nurseries where adult babies can connect with one another and play together in the physical world.

People become adult babies for many reasons. Many take sexual pleasure from being an adult baby, including practices like urinating and defecating in a diaper. Others simply take comfort from living out a lifestyle without the responsibilities and stress of existing in the adult world. People who have had difficult upbringings may find becoming an adult baby lets them create an idealized fantasy where they live the kind of childhoods they wish they had.

Many adult babies are productive members of society who hold jobs and have successful relationships with other people accepting of their lifestyle. aas being an adult baby does not disrupt a person’s life, this type of role-playing can be a fun and healthy outlet.

Adult babies may engage in a practice called age play with their intimate partners. An adult baby typically takes on a submissive role with a more dominant partner. The partner will set rules and offer rewards or punishments, depending on how his or her adult baby behaves.

Problems may arise if being an adult baby interferes with a person’s life. People who insist on being a baby full-time may struggle to find or hold down work and thus support themselves.Therapy can help adult babies get their lives back in balance.


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