Updated: MARCH 13, 2017

Adolescentilism is a paraphilia which causes people to become sexually aroused through assuming the role of an adolescent or through witnessing other adult individuals roleplay as adolescents. People with an interest in adolescentilism may be content to fantasize about the paraphilia or they may prefer to act out role playing scenarios.

Adolescentilism may also be called teenism, although adolescentilism is the preferred medical term for the paraphilia.

More About Adolescentilism

People who indulge in adolescentilism may dress in school uniforms, wear their hair in pigtails, use youthful slang terms or encourage their sexual partners to dress or behave in this fashion. They may also simply fantasize about being an adolescent, or about their partner or an object of their affection assuming the role of an adolescent.

Adolescentilism can be seen as a healthy outlet for an interest in adolescent people, as this type of fantasizing or role playing can diminish the desire for engaging in illegal pedophilic acts. However, if adolescentilism starts to dominate an individual’s sexual behaviors or interfere with their daily life, intervention through counseling may be necessary.

Adolescentilism is closely related to ephebophilia, which is an adult sexual preference for adolescent individuals. While similar to pedophilia, the two should not be confused as ephebophiles are only attracted to adolescents, rather than prepubescent individuals.


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