Updated: DECEMBER 3, 2018

Aculeophallic is an adjective that describes someone with a cone-shaped or pointed penis. Jacob E. Schmidt defined and perhaps coined the term in his 1967 erotic dictionary, “Lecher’s Lexicon.”

The term is a combination of the zoological word aculeus, a sharp, pointed part of animal anatomy, like a bee’s stinger, and the anatomical word phallus, meaning penis.

More About Aculeophallic

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. A cone-shaped penis, common to aculeophallic men, is one of several common types. These penises are thinner at the glans and progressively thicker at the base. They are commonly called cone penises or rocket penises.

Aculeophallic men can enjoy a wide range of sexual experiences and pleasure. However, their penises are especially suited to anal sex as their shape resembles butt plugs. Cone penises are more easily inserted into the anus than many other penis shapes, as they have a thin tip. However, their broader base makes deep anal penetration more pleasurable than it might be with someone who has a thin, pencil-shaped penis.

Other positions that involve deep penetration can also feel good for an aculeophallic man and his partner. However, if the cone-shaped penis is too thick at the base, deep penetration may be uncomfortable. Aculeophallic men should always go slowly with a partner to ensure they are enjoying the sexual encounter. For women, practicing Kegel exercises can also enhance sex with an aculeophallic man.


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