Updated: MAY 30, 2017

Actirasty is a sexual fetish where individuals derive sexual pleasure or arousal from exposure to the sun’s rays.

Actirasty is associated with a host of other weather-related fetishes including cheimaphilia (sexual arousal from cold weather), chinophilia (sexual arousal from snow), and brontophilia (sexual arousal from thunderstorms). It is more common than other weather-related fetishes.

More About Actirasty

Actirasty may cause some people to fantasize about the searing, summer sun. They may also enjoy spending time sunbathing on the beach or engaging in sexual acts outdoors. As actirasty tends to inspire people to get outside to get closer to the sun, this interest is closely linked to exhibitionism.

While actirasty can be harmless, people who are aroused by the sun’s rays should be sure not to violate any public decency laws while performing sexual acts outside. The sun’s rays can also be harmful. People who enjoy them should remember to cover up with sunscreen and protective clothing. Sun exposure should also be limited to avoid sunburn, heatstroke, and skin cancers.


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