Acquaintance Rape

Updated: JANUARY 20, 2016

Acquaintance rape is any nonconsensual sexual activity committed by a person or persons who are known to the victim. The acts may be committed after using a threat of violence, coercion, intimidation, force, or by incapacitating the victim (to name a few).The term acquaintance rape was first used in print in 1978 as an umbrella term for all rapes between people who know one another.

More About Acquaintance Rape

Acquaintance rape is the most frequently perpetrated type of rape and the least likely type to be reported. There are a number of reasons for this including preconceived notions about what "real" rape looks like as well as a fear of facing social consequences for accusing a peer. Acquaintance rape frequently takes the form of date rape. Gang rape is extremely prevalent among young people. In 90% of rape cases with victims under the age of 13, the attacker is an acquaintance.


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