Abstinence Sex

Updated: JANUARY 28, 2019

Abstinence sex refers to the act of refraining from certain sexual activities while enjoying others. This term has a number of different meanings to different people, depending on what they've been taught or what they believe. For some, abstinence sex may mean abstaining from all types of penetrative sexual acts, including vaginal intercourse and anal sex, while outercourse, including oral sex and mutual masturbation, are considered fair game. Other people, on the other hand, believe that abstinence sex means abstaining only from vaginal intercourse.

More About Abstinence Sex

Abstinence and abstinence sex isn't just for teenagers. There are a number of reasons why people, including adults, may practice abstinence. Safe sex is probably one of the biggest reason people choose to practice abstinence, as it is the most effective way to protect against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. Other individuals may practice abstinence in the beginning of a relationship until they are emotionally ready to connect with a partner on a sexual level.


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