Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Monosexism mean?

Monosexism is prejudice against bisexuality and those who do not fit into a non-monosexual orientation. This belief believes that either exclusive heterosexuality and homosexuality are superior to non-monosexual or bisexual orientations. This prejudice perceives non-monosexual and bisexual couples as promiscuous, confused, or in denial about their true sexual identity.

Kinkly explains Monosexism

For heterosexual people who are monosexist, there is the belief that all other sexual orientation are morally corrupt and sinful. Gay men sometimes perceive bisexual men as being in denial about their gay identity. Lesbian women sometimes view bisexual women as heterosexual women who just want to get attention from men or are adopting the identity out of confusion. These beliefs are not representative of the entire LGBTQ and heterosexual communities. Monosexist beliefs are negative and discriminating against the many variations of human sexuality.

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