Bunny Flogger

Last Updated: November 26, 2018

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Definition - What does Bunny Flogger mean?

A bunny flogger is made of soft rabbit fur and is designed for flogging in the bedroom. This is a versatile piece in the bedroom for those who want the flogging, but do not want to feel intense pain. The long strips of fur are usually 12-14 inches in length and are made of rabbit hide. The handles are often made of a hardwood. Most bunny floggers are meant for sensual stroking and playful tickling. However, some are built for stronger use and can pack a strong wallop.

Kinkly explains Bunny Flogger

The bunny flogger is often used for gentle strokes, but it can deliver a strong flog. There can be a light sting that accompanies the hardest hits. The rabbit fur makes the bunny flogger feel great against bare skin. They often can come customized and in many different colors. These are great for use in foreplay since the soft caress of the fur can create some delightful sensations before a thuddy flogging.

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