Definition - What does Yeastiality mean?

Yeastiality is when one is sexually aroused by dough, pastries, or bread. The wafting scents of baked goods and rising yeast is enough to turn a person with this fetish on. Yeastiality fetishists enjoy having sex with baked goods (anything that has risen with yeast) and are highly attracted by partners with yeast infections.

Kinkly explains Yeastiality

While bake sales may be heaven for many, the texture of dough and the scent of yeast provides another type of heaven for those who partake in this fetish. Fresh dough is extremely malleable and supple, similar to the human body. The texture is also smooth and soft to the touch. The concept of yeast rising could also be a major point of arousal for those who enjoy yeastiality. Lastly, many baked goods such as cakes are extremely moist which may add to the appeal.

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