Last Updated: March 30, 2020

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Definition - What does Ace mean?

Ace is a popular nickname used to refer to a person who identifies as asexual. Like being straight or gay, asexuality is an orientation, one in which a person doesn't experience sexual attraction.

Kinkly explains Ace

Ace is a phonetic shortening of the word "asexual," but it has also come to have symbolic meaning around the ace playing card. In fact, some asexuals differentiate themselves into categories based around playing cards. A romantic asexual may choose to be referred to as an ace of hearts, while an aromantic asexual may choose the term ace of spades. Ace of diamonds may be used to refer to demisexuals and demiromantic asexuals, while ace of clubs can refer to grayasexuals and grayromantic asexuals.

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