Heteroromanic Demisexual

Last Updated: November 4, 2019

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Definition - What does Heteroromanic Demisexual mean?

Heteroromantic demisexual refers to a sexual orientation in which the individual is only develops sexual feelings toward a member of the opposite sex once an intellectual connection is established. This can best be described as being heterosexual, but experiencing sexual attraction based on premises other than the physical appearance of the other party.

Kinkly explains Heteroromanic Demisexual

Heteroromantic describes an individual that may only experience a romantic attraction for a member of the opposite sex. Demisexual describes an individual that may only experience a sexual attraction to an individual based upon their emotional or intellectual attraction. Together, an individual that identifies as being heteroromantic demisexual would only experience sexual attraction to an individual of the opposite sex with whom the individual already has an established emotional attraction.

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