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The Plow Position

Definition - What does The Plow Position mean?

The plow position is an adventurous sex position for athletic couples. To get into this position, the woman leans over the edge of the bed, resting her forearms on the bed. The man then stands behind her and between her legs, lifting her up to his waist by her hips and thighs. She can then support herself on the bed by leaning on her elbows and stretch her legs straight out behind and on either side of her partner.

Kinkly explains The Plow Position

The plow position is an excellent position for G-spot stimulation. While in this position, a woman's body is angled downward, making it easier for the penis to rub on the G-spot, which is located on the front wall of the vagina. Combining this stimulation with clitoral stimulation can result in a powerful orgasm for the woman. Men may enjoy the athleticism of this position, as well as the view it provides.

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