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Definition - What does Tamakeri mean?

Tamakeri is a Japanese term that means "testicle kicking" or, more colloquially, "ball busting." Tamakeri describes a fetish where men derive arousal and pleasure from testicle abuse, either by looking at pornographic images of testicle abuse or by having their own testicles abused. This fetish appeals to both heterosexual and homosexual men.

Kinkly explains Tamakeri

While some tamakeri materials simply depict the act of testicle abuse, more and more tamakeri pornography actually shows sexual intercourse after the testicle abuse.

Tamakeri tends to put emphasis on martial arts and self-defense by showing (mostly) women attacking men's testicles. Many tamakeri fetishists, who used to lack materials aimed at their fetish, would use self-defense materials to fulfill their fantasy. With the Internet, however, the genre has grown beyond Japan and is now being adopted by fetishists all over the world. Increasingly professional photos and videos are being produced for the tamakeri subculture.

Tamakeri is related to the cock and ball torture fetish, but specifically focuses on attacks by women rather than the more elaborate, device-based ball abuse like ball stretchers, crushers or humblers.

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