Wrist Restraint

Definition - What does Wrist Restraint mean?

A wrist restraint is a cuff or shackle meant to restrain the movements of a submissive partner's arms and hands. Wrists can be tied in many different ways: in front or behind the body, to ankles, to bed posts, to chair arms, to walls, and to other objects. Those who enjoy wearing wrist restraints enjoy the loss of control, the sensation of being restrained, and even the sensation or friction provided by the restraints themselves.

Kinkly explains Wrist Restraint

Wrist restraints are put around a person's wrists to limit their hand and arm movements. They can be made of many materials and come in different styles. Light bondage restraints tend to be made of fabric or velcro. More advanced restraints are made of leather, PVC, or even iron. They may have locking mechanisms.

As with all bondage play, appropriate safety measures must be taken to avoid injury, which can occur if someone remains tied in one position for too long, is tied too tightly so that circulation is inhibited, or panics and pulls against the restraints in such a way that causes injury.

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