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Resistance Play

Definition - What does Resistance Play mean?

Resistance play is a type of sexual play that involves one partner "resisting" another partner's sexual advances. This may go as far as the dominant partner pretending to force the submissive partner to have sex. Individuals who enjoy resistance play either surrender control or are the one in control depending on whether they are the submissive or dominant partner. Another allure of resistance play for submissive partners is the feeling of being so irresistible to another person that the person must have them no matter what.

Acting out rape fantasies between consenting adults is the most popular type of resistance play.

Kinkly explains Resistance Play

Resistance play can be a great way to spice up a boring sex life or just explore a fantasy. Couples can use props during play such as fake knives or toy guns. The submissive partner can be restrained to add to the fantasy. Resistance play is also a great time for both partners to dress up.

Before participating in any type of resistance play, you and your partner should discuss the matter first. Boundaries should be discussed, and a safeword should be established. Both the submissive and dominant partners should understand that when this word is uttered by either one of them at any time, all play should stop immediately. Afterward, both partners should take some time to unwind and reconnect since resistance play is often a very intense emotional experience.

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