Last Updated: October 30, 2018

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Definition - What does Odaxelagnia mean?

Odaxelagnia is a sexual paraphilia where an individual has an unusual sexual arousal related to biting or being bitten. This particular paraphilia is often associated with sadism, masochism and vampire fetishes. That said, arousal from biting or being bitten is very common and most cases does not escalate beyond an interest and a turn-on.

Kinkly explains Odaxelagnia

Biting is a fairly common fetish. Roughly half of the population has experienced some form of sexual arousal from biting. Odaxelagnia, though, is a paraphilia. This means that it is extreme or highly unusual and potentially dangerous to the fetishist. This paraphilia can be considered proportionatly more dangerous as the intensity of the sexual desire to bite or be bitten increases. Typically the fetish involves biting that does not puncture the skin and allow bloodflow.

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