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Definition - What does Salirophilia mean?

Salirophilia is a sexual paraphilia where an individual experiences sexual gratification from the defacing or desheveling of the object of their sexual desire. The sexual arousal hinges upon making something that is normally attractive into something unattractive or dirty. Ironically, this makes the person or object all the more desirable for sex.

Kinkly explains Salirophilia

For those who enjoy the practice of salirophilia, the object of desire is typically covered or smeared with makeup, dirt, or mud. It is often common that their clothes will be or are torn by the fetishist.

It is important to note that this fetish does not involve the use of force or harm done to the individual. It only involves their physical appearance. This particular fetish is interesting because of its ties to BDSM domination and submission culture. It also includes the idea of humiliation being sexually arousing for both the humiliator and the humiliated. It is considered a paraphilia due to its effects upon self esteem and normal social behavior when it relates to physical attraction.

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