Last Updated: May 3, 2017

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Definition - What does Masturbate-a-Thon mean?

A masturbate-a-thon is an activity in which participants gather together and masturbate in an effort to help raise money for charities as well as to try and dispel some of the shameful feelings surrounding the act. The first masturbate-a-thon was held by Good Vibrations, a San Fransisco sex toy store, in 1999. Since then, masturbate-a-thons and their participants have raised thousands of dollars for sex-positive charities. These include charities geared toward sex education, sexual expression, and sexual health. Typically, masturbate-a-thons are held during the month of May, which Good Vibrations has promoted as Masturbation Month.

Kinkly explains Masturbate-a-Thon

Along with sexual release, participants at masturbate-a-thons can receive awards for numerous accomplishments, such as the time spent masturbating, the number of climaxes achieved, and the distance ejaculate is shot. The current record for the longest time spent masturbating is 10 hours and 10 minutes, an honor bestowed upon Sonny Nash at the 2012 San Fransisco Masturbate-a-Thon. The record for most female orgasms and the record for most male orgasms is 83 times, which was awarded to both Loooo-C and Big D. The furthest distance that ejaculate was shot was 5 feet 4 inches, a record set by Flint Greasewood in 2009.

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