Neck Fetishes

Last Updated: December 20, 2014

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Definition - What does Neck Fetishes mean?

Neck fetishes are a sexual arousal by or sexual interest in the neck usually of another person. Neck fetishists usually find the female neck to be the ultimate in terms of desirability.

Kinkly explains Neck Fetishes

The arousal derived from necks, particularly the female neck, is understandable since the neck is an area of vulnerability. The neck is one of the highly sensitive areas of the body. It is sensitive to touch, especially massage, and even sensitive to changes in temperature. Often, female necks are covered either by long hair or a scarf, which allows the fetishists to eroticize the bare neck, and liken the uncovering of a neck to undressing. That allows the fetishist to caress the neck like they would a naked body. Jewelry like necklaces are more significant to the fetishist as they are worn to being a special attention to the neck.

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