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Analingus - more commonly referred to as "rimming" - is a type of oral sex where the giving partner’s tongue stimulates a sexual partner's anus or perineum. It may also be referred to as tossing the salad, or giving a rim job.

People who enjoy analingus are into it because it can be very pleasurable due to the high concentration of nerve endings in the anal area. A 2016 study found that 30% of couples had engaged in anal stimulation in the past year, compared to just 14% who reported engaging in anal sex.

Analingus can be part of foreplay or a standalone sex act. Some people find analingus a good way to become comfortable with the anus before attempting anal sex, but there is no need to transition from analingus to anal sex or any other sexual activity.


In many ways, giving or receiving a rim job is safer than many other sexual activities, but analingus does carry some risks. Because fecal bacteria may be found on the anus and perineum, giving partners may contract gastrointestinal illnesses. Analingus can also spread sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as herpes and syphilis. Giving partners can reduce their risk by using dental dams, plastic wrap, or tongue condoms and getting vaccinated against hepatitis A. Maintaining good oral health is also important, as oral problems such as bleeding gums and lip sores provide entry points for infections. Receiving partners can do their part by bathing prior to analingus.


More About Analingus

There are several good sex positions for analingus. The most common is called doggy oral sex position, and sees both partners on all fours, with the giving partner positioned behind the receiving partner. The giving partner can also perform analingus on a partner lying face-down on a bed, with pillows propping up their backside. The receiving partner could also stand and bend at the waist to present their anus to a kneeling partner.

Once in position, the giving partner spreads the receiving partner’s butt cheeks and stimulates their anal area with their mouth. They may kiss, lick or suck the anus and perineum. The giving partner should go slow, licking around the perineum and thighs before moving on to the anus. Using a flat tongue, as if licking an ice-cream cone, is an effective technique. Varying licks by pointing the tongue or using shorter strokes can also drive a partner wild.

Gently nibbling the buttocks and thighs can enhance analingus, but teeth should be kept away from the sensitive anal area. Depending on the couple’s position, the giving partner could use their hands to play with their partner’s genitals or nipples during analingus. A giving partner could also massage the receiving partner’s legs while they’re performing analingus.

Commercial lubricants can enhance analingus by helping the tongue easily slide over the anus. Choosing a flavored lube can make analingus more delicious for a giving partner. Lubricant is also important for couples transitioning from analingus to anal sex.


Some receiving partners like getting hair around their anus waxed or trimmed before analingus. While this isn’t essential, removing the hair can make the sensations of analingus more intense. It’s also easier to keep a hairless anus clean. Some people don’t like rimming a hairy anus, so removing hair makes some receiving partners feel more confident. Note that hair removal methods can irritate the skin and cause ingrown hair, though. When the skin becomes irritated or inflamed, there’s a higher risk of infection.

Enemas can also enhance analingus for some people. An enema is also optional, but some people feel more confident if they know their anal cavity has been thoroughly cleared. Having an enema can also be an erotic pleasure all on its own for some people.

Analingus can feel amazing, but it’s not for everyone as anal activities are still a little taboo. While this can make them exciting for some people, others feel apprehensive about giving or receiving analingus. Talking about your desires with a partner can help you decide whether analingus is something you might like to try. Couples should stay open-minded and consider their partner’s point of view. Being non-judgemental, even if you’re against analingus, can build trust. Both partners should give consent and know that they can withdraw consent at any time if they feel uncomfortable.

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