Butt Floss

Last Updated: June 16, 2017

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Definition - What does Butt Floss mean?

Butt floss is a slang term for a G-String or thong style undergarment. Butt floss gets its name because the back section of the undergarment is made up of a single thread of fabric which sits between the buttocks the wearer somewhat like dental floss is used between the teeth.

The term butt floss is thought to have originated in Great Britain, but has since spread throughout the world.

Kinkly explains Butt Floss

Butt floss is a common name of a G-String or thong. The distinctive characteristic of butt floss is the single, skinny, thread-like part in the back which sits between the buttocks. In the front, butt floss looks like any traditional pair of panties.

The term butt floss is most commonly applied to women’s underwear, but occasionally to male thongs.

Butt floss is used to avoid visible panty lines when the wearer is fully clothed. They are also designed to accentuate the butt and make the wearer appear more sexually attractive when they strip down to underwear. Some people like to wear their butt floss poking out of the top of their low-riding skirts or pants to attract attention.

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