Buckle Bunny

Last Updated: October 13, 2016

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Definition - What does Buckle Bunny mean?

A buckle bunny is a young and attractive female seen at rodeo events. She may work at the rodeo in a professional capacity, as a podium girl, contestant escort, or spokesmodel. The term buckle bunny may also apply to a female groupie who pursues rodeo cowboys.

The term buckle bunny refers to the large, gilded belt buckle awarded to the victor of rodeo competitions. The term was originally coined by the American media, but has since entered common usage.

Kinkly explains Buckle Bunny

Professional buckle bunnies are typically hired for the duration of the rodeo event through talent or modeling agencies.

Buckle bunnies typically wear revealing outfits including shirts or blouses which bare the midriff and show cleavage, Daisy Duke shorts, or miniskirts. A pair of cowboy boots typically completes a buckle bunny’s attire.

Buckle bunnies generally live in the small towns of Western Canada and the United States. Many live in large cities and travel to small country towns to watch rodeo events. These city girls may use their urban lifestyle as a lure to hook a rodeo cowboy. It’s widely understood that buckle bunnies are looking for no more than sex from the cowboys and vice versa. They may also offer the rodeo cowboy a home-cooked meal and a place to stay while he’s in town.

A buckle bunny is similar to a puck bunny who serves the same role in the ice hockey community.

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