Breast Obsession

Last Updated: December 24, 2018

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Definition - What does Breast Obsession mean?

A breast obsession is an intense fascination with the female breasts. This fetish goes beyond the usual attraction to breasts that many people who are sexually attracted to women feel.

Breast obsession is the most common sexual fetish for heterosexual men in the United States, Europe, and East Asia. Some bisexual and homosexual women also have a breast obsession.

Breast obsession is also known as breast fetishism, mastofact, breast partialism, and mazophilia.

Kinkly explains Breast Obsession

Scientists believe that an obsession with breasts may be provoked by their role as a secondary sex characteristic. Some believe that the cleavage may be attractive because it resembles the cleft between the buttocks.

People with breast obsessions may encourage their partners to have their breasts surgically enhanced to make them larger or shaped a specific way. They may also buy their partner lingerie, such as bras with nipple cut-outs, or low-cut clothing which reveals cleavage. They may even ask to nurse from their partner.

In most cases a breast obsession can be managed as part of a healthy relationship. However, if the breast obsession begins to interfere with the individual’s functioning in society or becomes their only means of sexual arousal then they may seek counseling or behavioral therapy.

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