Boyfriend Experience (BFE)

Last Updated: March 15, 2021

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Definition - What does Boyfriend Experience (BFE) mean?

The boyfriend experience is the term given to a type of escort service that typically entails more emotional contact. While traditional escort services are primarily centered on sex, a BFE also involves cuddling, romance, kissing, holding hands, foreplay, and the likes. In some cases, the boyfriend experience doesn’t even involve sex until a later date, or not at all.

Kinkly explains Boyfriend Experience (BFE)

In some cases, male prostitutes or escorts also market the provision of a boyfriend experience. These services are quite popular in countries where dating is still regarded as a taboo subject, such as Thailand, India, Malaysia, and the likes. The BFE is quite popular among virgin women who are not allowed to date or who simply want a more experienced partner for their first time.

This experience may also involve cunnilingus, fellatio, and anal sex. Unlike regular sex work, these sexual acts are rendered more emotional through eye contact, intimate touches, kisses, and cuddling. If sexual intercourse does occur, however, male partners typically wear a condom to protect both their clients and themselves.

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