Around the World in Bed

Last Updated: May 1, 2017

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Definition - What does Around the World in Bed mean?

Around the World in Bed is a slang term for using several different methods and/or positions for sexual gratification in a single sexual encounter. An Around the World in Bed encounter aims to be more exciting and dynamic for couples than one which involves a single form of sexual gratification.

This slang term inspired an adult board game, also called Around the World in Bed.

Kinkly explains Around the World in Bed

Around the World in Bed may involve oral sex practices, including cunnilingus, fellatio, and analingus, erotic massages, cuddling, and penetrative intercourse in a range of positions such as missionary, cowgirl, and rear-entry positions. During Around the World Sex, methods of sexual gratification may be performed to completion or interrupted to begin another sexual technique. Because of the wide range of sexual practices available, what constitutes Around the World in Bed sex is only limited by a couple’s imagination.

The variety of sexual practices enjoyed in Around the World in Bed sex inspired the adult game which shares its name. In this game, couples shoot darts at a board labelled with a number of sexual positions and practices. Prior to each shot, both players are encouraged to drink alcohol. If the dart lands on a position, the couple must perform this until they are mutually satisfied. If the dart does not stick, the person who fired it should take another drink of alcohol. The dart board also features “male choice” and “female choice” spots. When the dart lands on one of these spots, the corresponding player can choose the sexual activity.

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