Anonymous Sex

Last Updated: May 17, 2016

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Definition - What does Anonymous Sex mean?

Anonymous sex is a form of casual sexual encounter. In this style of one-night stand, the participants have little or no knowledge of, or history of interaction with, one another. Unlike many other forms of sexual interaction, there is no emotional attachment involved in anonymous sex.

Anonymous sex may occur between two or more participants. The practice was once only common amongst gay men, but now anonymous sex is more prevalent amongst people of all sexual orientations.

Kinkly explains Anonymous Sex

Anonymous sex typically occurs on the first day the participants meet. In most cases they never see one another after the encounter. It’s also uncommon for people to exchange names with an anonymous sex partner.

People looking for anonymous sex are said to be "cruising for sex." Often this occurs in places where such an activity is common, such as sex clubs, bathhouses, and certain websites.

Anonymous sex is considered a form of prostitution if money or drugs are exchanged for sexual interaction. Similarly, utilizing the services of a recognized prostitute may also be considered anonymous sex.

Some people are attracted to the rush of anonymous sex, and many participants feel they lose their inhibitions in this type of encounter. However, anonymous sex is a very high risk activity, as there’s no way of knowing the sexual history of the other participant or participants. People who engage in anonymous sex typically have a greater number of sexual partners than other members of the population, so they also pose a greater risk of carrying sexually transmitted infections.

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