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Sexual Attraction

Updated: APRIL 6, 2020

Sexual attraction is a draw towards another person that is based on sexual arousal or desire. This attraction can be informed by a number of factors including, but not limited to, appearance, intelligence, demeanor, manner of dress, and state of mind of the party who is feeling attracted. There is not an objective criteria for sexual attractiveness. No definitive qualities that will trigger sexual attraction in all people, however, as popular standards of beauty change the things that trigger sexual attraction often, to a degree, for some people follow along with the trends.


More About Sexual Attraction

The existence of sexual attraction on its own, without romantic attraction, is a common phenomenon but was, for a long time, considered taboo. In recent history there has been an attempt made to clarify the difference between sexual attraction, romantic attraction, and platonic attraction. Where once people assumed that all of those things came together, there is now more openness about the idea of any one of the the three existing without the other two.

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