Tongue Up My Ass (TUMA)

Last Updated: May 26, 2016

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Definition - What does Tongue Up My Ass (TUMA) mean?

Tongue Up My Ass is a slang term used in the sex industry by sex workers and their clients. As the words suggest, this sexual practice sees a sex worker putting their tongue up a client's anus or performing analingus.

Tongue Up My Ass is often shortened to the acronym TUMA.

Kinkly explains Tongue Up My Ass (TUMA)

Tongue Up My Ass sees a client taking a submissive role during the sexual interaction. In its acronym form, TUMA is most commonly seen in the advertisements of escorts. Acronyms like this are widely understood by people who hire sex workers.

Many people enjoy TUMA because the anus and its surrounding tissues are rich in nerve endings that enjoy the oral stimulation. The taboo nature of the act also makes it exciting.

As a courtesy to the escort, people should shower thoroughly, paying extra attention to the anus and buttocks, before asking for TUMA. An enema is ideal, but failing this you can stick a wet finger into your anus to remove any fecal matter. Even after cleaning, infections and bacteria can be spread. Many escorts will prefer to use a dental dam. Shaving the anus will also make the experience more pleasurable for both parties.

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