Throne Job

Last Updated: August 11, 2015

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Definition - What does Throne Job mean?

A throne job is when a man masturbates as foreplay or to the point of orgasm while sitting in a large chair or "throne." This often refers to situations where an establishment doesn't offer full service, but the premises will have a large chair or "throne" for one to sit back and enjoy the entertainment while the patron manually stimulates his penis. A form of self-service, masturbating in a stately chair while sexually aroused can be an experience.

Kinkly explains Throne Job

Throne jobs are often a form of self-pleasure for men when the establishment or situation does not offer sexual services. Oftentimes, there will be live entertainment or dancers in view, allowing patrons to sit and enjoy the view. When it comes to sexual pleasure, sometimes all it takes is some spark for the imagination and a comfortable position. A throne job makes it possible for people to masturbate at their own pace, reaching orgasm in an impressive seated position.

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