Street Girl (SG)

Last Updated: April 16, 2015

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Definition - What does Street Girl (SG) mean?

A street girl is a prostitute who solicits customers from the street and other similar public places such as a park. This form of prostitution differs from massage parlors, escort, or call girl services where the prostitute is hired by a company who solicits clients for her.

While street girls can work during the day, they are more present at night. They normally wait for clients by walking alongside a moderately busy street or waiting on street corners. The sex act can be performed in any secluded public location, roadside motel, or in the customer's car.

Kinkly explains Street Girl (SG)

Street prostitution is illegal in most countries including places that allow other forms of escort services or prostitution. Some street girls choose to work with pimps who offer some form of protection and look for clients. In fact, a 2008 study carried out by economists Sudhir Alladi Venkates and Steven ND Levitt revealed that street girls who work with pimps may earn up to 50% more than prostitutes who work on their own.

Street girls are overwhelmingly popular in red-light districts like Amsterdam, Thailand, Kolkata, and Frankfurt.

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