Private Show (PS)

Definition - What does Private Show (PS) mean?

Private Show is a term for a sensual display, typically performed by an exotic dancer or striptease artist in a private location. This may be a private room in a club, a hotel room, or a client’s private residence. It is most commonly used in the sex industry to describe a sex worker’s services.

Private Show is often shortened to the acronym PS.

Kinkly explains Private Show (PS)

During a private show, a sex worker will typically perform a strip tease and a lap dance. Sensual touch is involved, but rarely does the touch progress to explicit sexual interaction.

A private show is similar to a private viewing, and as the meaning of private viewing tends to differ between providers the two may be identical. However, as a rule, private shows do not involve hand jobs or other means of sexual relief. While many clients enjoy a private show one-on-one, private shows may also involve a group of clients.

The term private show tends to be used most often in the sex industry, but not exclusively. For example, a woman may decide to give her partner a private show, emulating the moves of professional stripper.

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