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Multiple Shots On Goal (MSOG)

Updated: NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Multiple shots on goal is a colloquial terms which describes multiple ejaculations during a sexual encounter. The term comes from the sporting world, where attempts to score in games like soccer and hockey are known as shots on goal. Multiple shots on goal is a term commonly used in the sex industry. A sex worker may allow multiple shots on goal for just one rate, or apply a surcharge for additional orgasms.

Multiple shots on goal is often shortened to the acronym MSOG. Multiple shots on goal is also sometimes called multiple pops.

More About Multiple Shots On Goal (MSOG)

Escorts, who commonly charge by the hour for their services, are more likely to allow multiple shots on goal. As people in real-life relationships may have intercourse several times during a sexual encounter, multiple shots on goal is also commonly offered as part of the "girlfriend experience." A sex worker is more likely to offer multiple shots on goal to their regular clients.

However, sex workers will generally charge by the ejaculation. Multiple shots on goal is also less common for bookings lasting less than an hour.

Sex workers that offer multiple shots on goal are generally favored by clients, but especially popular among those who suffer premature ejaculation, as they needn’t feel like they’ve wasted their money if they ejaculate early in a session. As a result, sex workers who offer multiple shots on goal tend to attract repeat customers and become more successful in their field.


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