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Definition - What does Monger mean?

Monger is a slang term for an individual who regularly employs the services of sex workers. It is a shortening of the term whoremonger.

Like the dictionary term, the slang term monger refers to a person who is involved with something in an unbecoming or disreputable way. For example, just as a gossipmonger is seen as a troublesome gossip, a whoremonger is criticized for his frequent dalliances with prostitutes.

Kinkly explains Monger

A monger is different from a typical client of the sex industry because of their frequent use of prostitutes’ services. Mongers are typically males who enjoy satisfying their sexual urges without strings attached. While some mongers are single and perhaps use prostitutes to fill a void in their lives, others may be attached and seeking to experiment with kink or certain sex acts they feel they cannot explore with their long term partners.

While the term monger originated as a way to describe someone who regularly uses sex workers, it has also come to mean a person who regularly engages in casual sex.

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